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Building NONA

The build looks like it will be a fairly easy to complete.

The feet are slotted in the orifices at the bottom of the body and attached using hex bolts.

Once the feet are attached it is a good idea to put the drive band around the wheel and behind where the pedals attach to the footman (the arms that attach to the pedals), because once they are fitted you can’t put the drive band on without undoing the pedals again.  I know, I made this mistake.

The drive band tensioner is slotted in the groves at the top of the body of the wheel, again make sure you feed the drive band and the bobbin tension over the spindle where the bobbin and flyer will be fitted.  This part is secured by cross head screws at the top of the wheel.

Once the tensioner is fitted you can fit a bobbin and the flyer.  A tip to fit the flyer: there is a little black plastic fitting with some groves, hold this part gently as you screw the flyer to the spindle.

I should now be ready to practice spinning.

I used this beginner spinning video that Eve made from the JillianEve channel





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